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# ImproveReferenceTimestamp
**Maintainer**: Florian Pitters (<>)
**Maintainer**: Florian Pitters (<>), Jens Kroeger (<>)
**Module Type**: *GLOBAL*
**Status**: Work in progress
**Status**: Working
### Description
Replaces the existing reference timestamp (earliest hit on reference plane) by either the trigger timestamp (method 0) or the average track timestamp (method 1). For method 0 to work, a trigger timestamp has to be saved as SPIDR signal during data taking.
Replaces the existing track timestamp (set in the tracking module) by the closest trigger timestamp. For this, a trigger timestamp has to be saved as SPIDR signal during data taking.
If no suitable trigger is found for a track, the track timestamp is set to `-1ns`.
### Parameters
* `improvement_method`: Determines which method to use. Trigger timestamp is 0, average track timestamp is 1. Default value is `1`.
* `signal_source`: Determines which detector plane carries the trigger signals. Only relevant for method 0. Default value is `"W0013_G02"`.
* `trigger_latency`: Adds a latency to the trigger timestamp to shift time histograms. Default value is `0`.
* `search_window`: Time window to search for SPIDR trigger signals around the track timestamp. Default value is `200ns`.
### Plots produced
The following plots are produced:
* number of triggers per event
* number of tracks per event
* time correlation between track and trigger timestamps
### Usage
improvement_method = 0
signal_source = "W0013_G02"
trigger_latency = 20ns
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