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script to setup environment for lxplus

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# Scripts
Short script to prepare the source code and CMake files for a new allpix<sup>2</sup> module.
The tool will ask for all necessary information, such as the module name ("Module" will be appended automatically) and the type (global, detector,dut).
Both unique and detector-specific modules are supported.
A file is automatically created, containing the author and contact information of the creator. The information is retrieved using the `git config` and `git config` commands if available, or `whoami` and `hostname` as fallback.
Please make sure, the information is correct.
Example Output:
$ ./etc/
Preparing code basis for a new module:
Name of the module? MyNewModule
Type of the module?
1) global
2) detector
3) dut
#? 1
Creating directory and files...
Name: MyNewModule
Author: John Doe (
Path: /path/to/corryvreckan/src/modules/MyNewModule
Re-run CMake in order to build your new module.
Script to facilitate the compilation of Corryvreckan on the CERN LXPLUS Linux cluster. Sourcing the script via
source etc/
will setup all required build dependencies.
if [ ! -d "/cvmfs/" ]; then
echo "CVMFS not available"
# Get our directory and load the CI init
ABSOLUTE_PATH=`dirname $(readlink -f ${BASH_SOURCE[0]})`
# Load default configuration
source $ABSOLUTE_PATH/../.gitlab-ci.d/
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