Commit ffab8a80 authored by Simon Spannagel's avatar Simon Spannagel
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Use "histogram_file" instead of "histogramFile", add alias for it.

parent c62c861e
......@@ -144,7 +144,9 @@ void Analysis::load_modules() {
std::vector<Configuration> configs = conf_mgr_->getConfigurations();
// Create histogram output file
std::string histogramFile = global_config.getPath("histogramFile");
global_config.setAlias("histogram_file", "histogramFile");
std::string histogramFile = global_config.getPath("histogram_file");
m_histogramFile = new TFile(histogramFile.c_str(), "RECREATE");
m_directory = m_histogramFile->mkdir("corryvreckan");
if(m_histogramFile->IsZombie()) {
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