Morag Jean Williams requested to merge williamm/corryvreckan:DUTparameter into master

Removing dependence on DUT parameter being present in the configuration file for modules as appropriate.

  • For modules that never require a DUT: no change.
  • For modules that always need a DUT: no DUT present in the configuration file causes an error during the initialisation of the module.
  • For modules that can run with or without a DUT present: the logic of the code was changed according to function, depending on configuration options available in the module. No warnings are produced to the user about whether a DUT is being used or not.

All modules have been tested for function, apart from the following:

  • (to be tested in another merge request) ATLASpixEventLoader
  • Clicpix2Analysis
  • Clicpix2EventLoader
  • Clicpix2Correlator
  • ClicpixEventLoader
  • ClicpixAnalysis
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