Transfer detector calibration file path to updated geometry file

When running Corry I noticed that the calibration file path, which can be specified in the geometry file for each detector, is not automatically transferred to the updated geometry file after Corry finished running. Since the detector calibration should be the same before and after say prealignemnt this is very inconvenient, since it has to be always added manually afterwards, if one wants to run another Corry stage, say alignment based on the output of prealignment in this case.

The proposed fix takes care of this as well as checking if the m_calibrationfile variable stays uninitialized (this is the case if it is not specified in the geometry file).

Tested on my system. Passed all CI stages except mac compilation, since I seem to lack the corresponding runner. How would I add a runner to my GitLab fork?

Thanks for your review, comments and help.

Cheers, Pascal

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