CI: CVMFS do git checkout

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deploy-cvmfs Deployment
$ if [ -z ${CI_COMMIT_TAG} ]; then export BUILD_PATH='latest'; else export BUILD_PATH=${CI_COMMIT_TAG}; fi
$ sudo -u cvclicdp -i $RUNNER_LOCATION/.gitlab-ci.d/ $RUNNER_LOCATION $BUILD_PATH
I am not in transaction
Deploying build: latest
Extract artifact tarballs
- /tmp/ae3a1d73/0/corryvreckan/corryvreckan/corryvreckan-latest-Linux.tar.gz
Unable to parse string /tmp/ae3a1d73/0/corryvreckan/corryvreckan/corryvreckan-latest-Linux.tar.gz
Did not find suitable version or flavor to install.
ERROR: Job failed: Process exited with: 1. Reason was: ()