Commit 6974c1dc authored by cpomies's avatar cpomies
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Modified to accept new function name in EnabledSlots

parent f3ce8933
......@@ -78,8 +78,8 @@ def test_one_file_json_chmod_111():
with open('configs/lhcb-TEST.json', 'w') as slot_file:
os.chmod('configs/lhcb-TEST.json', 0111)
slots = EnabledSlots.Script().extractFromJson('lhcb-*.json')
EnabledSlots.Script().writeFiles(slots, 'slot-param-{0}.txt')
slots = EnabledSlots.Script().extract_from_json('lhcb-*.json')
EnabledSlots.Script().write_files(slots, 'slot-param-{0}.txt')
retval = EnabledSlots.Script().run(['slot-param-{0}.txt'])
assert retval == 0
assert exists(join('configs/lhcb-TEST.json'))
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