Commit e9e222ce authored by Ben Couturier's avatar Ben Couturier
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LBCORE-819 Added code to get list of requires from SoftConfDB

parent 5a634571
......@@ -192,6 +192,11 @@ e.g. %prog -o tmp.spec OnlineFarmMeta 1.0.0 MOOREONLINE_v23r4_x86_64_slc6_gcc48_
default = None,
help="File name for the generated specfile [default output to stdout]")
parser.add_option('-t', '--fromtag',
default = None,
help="Take the project versions tagged as specified in the conf DB (instead of command line)")
return parser
......@@ -233,7 +238,20 @@ e.g. %prog -o tmp.spec OnlineFarmMeta 1.0.0 MOOREONLINE_v23r4_x86_64_slc6_gcc48_
# Extracting info from filename
project = self.args[0]
version = self.args[1]
requires = self.args[2:]
if self.options.tag:
from LbRelease.SoftConfDB.SoftConfDB import SoftConfDB
db = SoftConfDB()
projects = db.listTag(self.options.tag.upper())
requires = []
for (p,v,f) in projects:
requires.append("_".join([p.upper(), v, f.replace("-", "_")]))
print "Could not access SoftConfDB, exiting"
return 2
requires = self.args[2:]
self.log.warning("Generating Meta RPM for %s %s" % (project, version))
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