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ALICE Monte Carlo Production setup
This is the repository for the ALICE Monte Carlo Production setup. The main
clone of this repository is hosted at CERN GitLab.
If you clone it using the given HTTPS URL you will authenticate using your CERN
username and your CERN password.
Configure your repository
Once you have cloned, you need to set up your repository like the following:
git config 'Firstname Lastname' # *NOT* your CERN username
git config ''
**Note:** set your full name (first and last name) and respect capitalization:
**do not use your CERN username here!**
* All users in the **alice-off** egroup can **push** and **create new
* Force-pushes, which may accidentally destroy commits, are banned for the
**master** branch.
For more information, [this is the full list of
permissions]( users in
**alice-off** have **Developer** permissions from the table.
GitLab at CERN
Information on the GitLab service at CERN [can be found
In case of a problem with the service (cannot connect, webpage down, etc.) you
should open a report using [CERN Service
Now]( as the Git service is managed
by the CERN IT.
Have a look at the [Service Status
Dashboard]( to see if the Git
service is reported as "green" before opening a ticket.
For problems related to the Git administration of the project, open a ticket on
the [ALICE JIRA](, on the Git Administration (GA)
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