Commit 15805ed1 authored by Dan Guest's avatar Dan Guest
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FS tracks: use fixed cone of 0.5

parent aee8ce7a
......@@ -23,6 +23,7 @@ from GaudiKernel.Configurable import DEBUG, INFO, VERBOSE
from argparse import ArgumentParser
from itertools import chain
import sys
from math import inf
def get_args():
default_chain = 'HLT_j20_pf_ftf_boffperf_L1J15'
......@@ -71,11 +72,12 @@ def getFSTrackAssociationAlg(
cfgFlags, jc, tpc='HLT_IDTrack_FS_FTF', an='FSTracks'):
AssocAlg = CompFactory.Analysis.JetParticleAssociationAlg
Associator = CompFactory.JetParticleShrinkingConeAssociation
# the formula here is R = p1 + exp(p2 + p3 * pt)
assoc_tool = Associator(
coneSizeFitPar2=-inf, # exp(-inf) -> 0
coneSizeFitPar3=0) # fixed cone
return AssocAlg(
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