Commit 666dc071 authored by Andrea Boccardi's avatar Andrea Boccardi
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Added the module for the arbitration of the I2C expanders and muxes

parent ed9a3538
......@@ -32,6 +32,7 @@ module I2cExpAndMuxMaster
//==== Clocks & Resets ====\\
input Clk_ik,
input Rst_irq,
//==== Access requests ====\\
// IO Expanders parameters:
input IoExpWrReq_i,
output reg IoExpWrOn_oq,
......@@ -50,7 +51,7 @@ module I2cExpAndMuxMaster
input [6:0] I2cSlaveAddr_ib7,
input [7:0] I2cSlaveRegAddr_ib8,
input [7:0] I2cSlaveByte_ib8,
//==== Status and Results====\\
// Status and results:
output reg Busy_o,
output reg NewByteRead_op,
output reg [7:0] ByteOut_ob8,
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