Commit b522b47b authored by Manoel Barros Marin's avatar Manoel Barros Marin
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- Removed files for Git test

-Added FrontEndSpecific folder
parent 3f50ad5c
......@@ -61,3 +61,38 @@ Hw/EDA-03133-V2-0_project.PrjPCBStructure
This folder contains data for incremental compilation.
The compiled_partitions sub-folder contains previous compilation results for each partition.
As long as this folder is preserved, incremental compilation results from earlier compiles
can be re-used. To perform a clean compilation from source files for all partitions, both
the db and incremental_db folder should be removed.
The imported_partitions sub-folder contains the last imported QXP for each imported partition.
As long as this folder is preserved, imported partitions will be automatically re-imported
when the db or incremental_db/compiled_partitions folders are removed.
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