Commit c2a26b19 authored by Manoel Barros Marin's avatar Manoel Barros Marin
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- Removed P0BlmIn[7:0] bus

parent d728ec86
......@@ -88,7 +88,6 @@ module VfcHdApplication
//P0 Timing
input [7:0] P0HwHighByte_ib8,
input [7:0] P0HwLowByte_ib8,
input [7:0] P0BlmIn_ib8,
output DaisyChain1Cntrl_o,
output DaisyChain2Cntrl_o,
input VmeP0BunchClk_ik,
......@@ -146,7 +146,7 @@ reg [1:0] WbMasterStb_xd2;
reg [1:0] WbAckAppSlaveBus_xd2;
wire [4:0] VmeGa_b5; //need to be accessed from the I2C exp
wire VmeGap_n; //need to be accessed from the I2C exp
wire WbAckI2WrProm, WbStbI2cWrProm;
wire WbAckI2cWrProm, WbStbI2cWrProm;
wire [31:0] WbDatI2cWrProm_b32;
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