GitLab unavailability on Wednesday morning for Spectre/Meltdown patching:

DMC-951: Reintroduce old behavior for local copy

This is, use adler32 when nothing is specified.
parent 5797c9bb
......@@ -283,6 +283,10 @@ int perform_local_copy(gfal2_context_t context, gfalt_params_t params,
if (checksum_type[0] == '\0') {
g_strlcpy(checksum_type, "ADLER32", sizeof(checksum_type));
// Source checksum
if (checksum_mode & GFALT_CHECKSUM_SOURCE) {
plugin_trigger_event(params, local_copy_domain(), GFAL_EVENT_SOURCE, GFAL_EVENT_CHECKSUM_ENTER, "");
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