Commit af5005b2 authored by Vineet Reddy Rajula's avatar Vineet Reddy Rajula
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Hotfix increase PVC size to 10Gi

parent 82088c91
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......@@ -749,7 +749,7 @@ func persistentVolumeClaimForDrupalSite(d *webservicesv1a1.DrupalSite) *corev1.P
AccessModes: []corev1.PersistentVolumeAccessMode{"ReadWriteOnce"},
Resources: corev1.ResourceRequirements{
Requests: corev1.ResourceList{
corev1.ResourceName(corev1.ResourceStorage): resource.MustParse("5Gi"),
corev1.ResourceName(corev1.ResourceStorage): resource.MustParse("10Gi"),
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