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# Accessing a migrated site
The default URL to access your migrated site is: ``.
A drupal site is connected with an OpenShift project. You can find your migrated sites in the OpenShift console by following a few simple steps.
#### 1. Go to the [OpenShift console]( page
Check on the left side menu that the **Administrator** option is selected (and **not** Developer).
You will see a list of OpenShift projects. Each migrated site is connected with an OpenShift project.
#### 2. Click on `Installed Operators` on the left side menu
Make sure that you are in the correct `Project`. At first you will see a message "No Operators Found". Please wait a couple of minutes until the "DrupalSite Operator" appears as shown in the screenshot below.
#### 3. Click on `Create Drupal website` on the latest DrupalSite Operator
#### 4. View your sites
Related sites for different environments (production, development, test) are grouped under the same project.
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