Commit 065d4c43 authored by Andreas Joachim Peters's avatar Andreas Joachim Peters Committed by Elvin Sindrilaru

MGM: bridge 'xc-oc-mtime' header of a PUT request on the MGM

parent a7a1fd5b
......@@ -845,6 +845,12 @@ HttpHandler::Put(eos::common::HttpRequest* request)
query = "eos.bookingsize=0";
if (request->GetHeaders().count("x-oc-mtime")) {
// there is an X-OC-Mtime header to force the mtime for that file
query += "&eos.mtime=";
query += request->GetHeaders()["x-oc-mtime"];
if (isOcChunked) {
// add the OC opaque information
query += eos::common::OwnCloud::HeaderToQuery(ocHeader).c_str();
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