Commit 14f33b62 by Steven Murray

WFE archived event now calls OFS->_dropallstripes() with forceRemove set to false

Setting forceRemove to true was incorrect because if forces the EOS namespace to forget the physical files in the FSTs. Setting forceRemove to false is correct because it adds the file to be deleted to a list of files to unlinked on their local FST stirage.
parent d6aacafc
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......@@ -1988,7 +1988,7 @@ WFE::Job::DoIt(bool issync)
if (dropAllStripes &&
gOFS->_dropallstripes(fullPath.c_str(), errInfo, root_vid, true) != 0) {
gOFS->_dropallstripes(fullPath.c_str(), errInfo, root_vid, false) != 0) {
eos_static_err("Could not delete all file replicas of %s. Reason: %s",
fullPath.c_str(), errInfo.getErrText());
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