Commit 45d33c53 authored by Elvin Sindrilaru's avatar Elvin Sindrilaru

CI: Really fix the rawhide build

parent aa2228b1
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......@@ -126,7 +126,8 @@ eos_rpm_fedora_rawhide:
- dnf builddep --nogpgcheck -y build/SRPMS/*
- if [[ $CI_COMMIT_TAG ]]; then BUILD_TYPE=tag; else BUILD_TYPE=commit; fi
- if [ "$BUILD_TYPE" == "commit" ]; then source gitlab-ci/; else export CCACHE_DISABLE=1; fi
- export CXX_FLAGS="-Wno-parentheses"
# @todo: add this flag to have the rawhide build pass as it fails during boost header compilation - should be removed in the future ...
- export CXXFLAGS="-Wno-parentheses"
- rpmbuild --rebuild --with server --define "_rpmdir build/RPMS/" --define "_build_name_fmt %%{NAME}-%%{VERSION}-%%{RELEASE}.%%{ARCH}.rpm" build/SRPMS/*
- ccache -s
- if [ "$BUILD_TYPE" == "tag" ]; then gpg2 --allow-secret-key-import --import /keys/stci-debian-repo.sec; printf "" | setsid rpmsign --define='%_gpg_name' --define='%_signature gpg' --addsign build/RPMS/*.rpm; fi
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