Commit 66d15f5b authored by Andreas Joachim Peters's avatar Andreas Joachim Peters Committed by Elvin Sindrilaru

MGM: allow eosxd to delete pseudo FIFO files

parent 3458ac28
......@@ -3043,7 +3043,7 @@ FuseServer::HandleMD(const std::string& id,
return 0;
if (S_ISREG(md.mode())) {
if (S_ISREG(md.mode()) || S_ISFIFO(md.mode())) {
gOFS->MgmStats.Add("Eosxd::ext::DELETE", vid->uid, vid->gid, 1);
eos_static_info("ino=%lx delete-file", (long) md.md_ino());
eos::IContainerMD::XAttrMap attrmap = pcmd->getAttributes();
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