DOC: update for 3.2.12

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......@@ -15,6 +15,30 @@ Introduction
This release is based on XRootD V4 and IPV6 enabled.
``v4.3.12 Citrine``
* [EOS-2793] - removexattr fails to remove attribute from mgm metadata
* [EOS-2800] - Relocate check for sys.eval.useracl from fuse client to the Fuseserver
* [EOS-2850] - avoid directory move into itself when going via symlinks
* [EOS-2873] - fix chmod/chown behaviour on executing EOSXD client
* [EOS-2874] - fix 'adjustreplica' for files continaing an '&' sign
* Thread sanitizer fixes in EOSXD
* Fix snooze time in WFE
* Default fd limit for shared EOSXD mounts is now 512k
* Don't open journals for file reads in EOSXD ( divides by 2 number of fds)
* Add 'fs dropghosts <fsid>' call to get rid of illegal entries in filesystem view without any corresponding meta data object (undrainable filesystems)
* Use filesystem name as default cache subdirectory in EOSXD (not default)
* Improve locking in EOSXD notification path - release ns mutex in most places before notifying - add timing counters to all EOSXD counters
``v4.3.11 Citrine``
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