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DOC: Update release notes for 4.3.11

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......@@ -29,5 +29,5 @@ EOS releases are named after gemstones. The actively developed version is called
================================= =================== =================== =================================
:doc:`releases/amber` 0.2.47 1st EOS Generation
:doc:`releases/beryl` 0.3.267-aquamarine 2nd EOS Generation :doc:`releases/beryl-release`
:doc:`releases/citrine` 4.3.10 3rd EOS Generation :doc:`releases/citrine-release`
:doc:`releases/citrine` 4.3.11 3rd EOS Generation :doc:`releases/citrine-release`
================================= =================== =================== =================================
......@@ -16,6 +16,27 @@ Introduction
This release is based on XRootD V4 and IPV6 enabled.
``v4.3.11 Citrine``
* MGM: Fix slots leak of proc commands for which the initial client disconnected
before receiving the response
* MGM/FUSE: Add support for all possible encodings between EOSXD and MGM
* FUSEX: Fix stack corruption when doing recovery and remove leaking proxy object
after recovery
* FUSEX: Add 'sss' as a possible authentication scheme for eosxd
CI: Add script for promoting tag releases from the testing to the stable repo
``v4.3.10 Citrine``
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