Commit 9be3733f authored by Elvin Sindrilaru's avatar Elvin Sindrilaru

MGM: Move the creation of the proc files after the directory structure is created

when using the QDB namespace. Fixes EOS-3266
parent f0c6751a
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......@@ -181,8 +181,6 @@ QdbMaster::BootNamespace()
eos_err("msg=\"failed to grab /proc/self/stat information\"");
while (mOneOff) {
eos_info("msg=\"wait for the supervisor to run once\"");
......@@ -1649,6 +1649,10 @@ XrdMgmOfs::Configure(XrdSysError& Eroute)
return 1;
if (NsInQDB) {
// Set also the archiver ZMQ endpoint were client requests are sent
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