Commit 9adfe80b authored by Walter Lampl's avatar Walter Lampl
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Merge branch 'master_art_trigfix_fatras' into 'master'

FastChainPileup: add trigger to

See merge request atlas/athena!48769
parents 44af4b85 131418ba
......@@ -65,7 +65,8 @@ then
--skipEvents '0' --conditionsTag 'default:OFLCOND-MC16-SDR-16' \
--geometryVersion 'default:ATLAS-R2-2016-01-00-01' \
--outputAODFile ${aodFile} \
--preExec 'from RecExConfig.RecFlags import rec;rec.doTrigger.set_Value_and_Lock(False)' \
--steering 'doRDO_TRIG' \
--athenaopts "all:--threads=1" \
--imf False
if [ ${rc2} -eq 0 ]
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