Commit 173098d3 authored by Johannes Elmsheuser's avatar Johannes Elmsheuser
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Fix campaignName.lower() bug is case campaignName is None

parent 36d93889
......@@ -211,13 +211,13 @@ if DerivationFrameworkIsMonteCarlo:
# Set MC campaign based on the the runNumber and DataRunNumber
campaignName = None
if hasattr(runArgs, 'MCCampaign'):
campaignName = runArgs.MCCampaign
campaignName = runArgs.MCCampaign.lower()
print (campaignName) # For debugging
# Create a pile-up analysis sequence
from AsgAnalysisAlgorithms.PileupAnalysisSequence import makePileupAnalysisSequence
from RecExConfig.RecoFunctions import InputFileNames
pileupSequence = makePileupAnalysisSequence( dataType, campaign=campaignName.lower(), files=InputFileNames(), useDefaultConfig=True )
pileupSequence = makePileupAnalysisSequence( dataType, campaign=campaignName, files=InputFileNames(), useDefaultConfig=True )
pileupSequence.configure( inputName = {}, outputName = {} )
print( pileupSequence ) # For debugging
SeqPHYSLITE += pileupSequence
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