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      Introduce build template · 7816f2fc
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      add pipeline for building docker images · 4b516b77
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      The pipeline contains two different build jobs, building a standalone or a cms/cvmfs version. In addition it contains a job for checking which files have been modified, enabling to trigger the build of the cms/cvmfs version that was changed. Only reason for there to be a separate script `check.sh` and not just a multi line script is because I didn't get the multi line syntax to work with a for loop
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      If you know how to fix it we can transfer the code in `check.sh` to the pipeline!
      The two build jobs:
      * A standalone build is triggered when the variables `CMSSW_VERSION`, `SCRAM_ARCH` and `BASE_IMAGE` is passed, could be passed with a webhook.
      * A cms/cvmfs version is built when there has been a change in the directory containing the Dockerfile corresponding to the image. Since there is only one job but five directories, before building, the job has to set the IMAGE_NAME variable to indicate which image to build (cc7-cms/cvmfs, slc6-cms/cvmfs, slc5-cms). This is set with the job `check changed files`
      The file `check.sh` calls 
      files=$(git diff-tree --no-commit-id --name-only -r $CI_COMMIT_SHA)
      which returns a list of all files that has been modified. The directory of the file is checked and the pipeline is triggered again, this time with the variable IMAGE_NAME set to the directory name. (The reason why the job tags docker is because the runner has git installed).
      See merge request cms-cloud/cmssw-docker!12
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      add pipeline for building docker images · 72f0feb9
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