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Server README with instructions for LDAP

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# EOS Server
## Connecting to an existing LDAP service
# Deploy the IDP included with oCIS
helm repo add samuel
helm repo update
helm upgrade -i ocis-idp samuel/ocis
# Enable ldapBindUsers and provide the LDAP settings:
cat << EOF > ldap-settings.yaml
enable: true
ldap_uri: ldap://ocis-idp.ocis.svc.cluster.local:9125
ldap_base: ou=users,dc=example,dc=org
ldap_binddn: cn=idp,ou=sysusers,dc=example,dc=org
ldap_bindpw: idp
ldap_user_search_base: dc=example,dc=org
ldap_group_search_base: ou=groups,dc=example,dc=org
ldap_filter_passwd: (objectClass=posixAccount)
ldap_filter_group: (objectClass=group)
helm upgrade -i eos eos/server -f ldap-settings.yaml
# Verify the name resolution is working:
kubectl exec -ti eos-mgm-0 -c eos-mgm -- id marie
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