Commit 9da1d71f authored by Enrico Bocchi's avatar Enrico Bocchi
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server: Change eos.keytab to eos-charts+

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0 u:daemon g:daemon n:eos-test+ N:6927582626958016513 c:1612953522 e:0 f:0 k:4d6faa5829d44b32a19c74e2915d94dd86125bfe7dfffb7c2badcb000f9a8327
0 u:daemon g:daemon n:eos-charts+ N:6977744108353748993 c:1624632652 e:0 f:0 k:a1c27792adc9e2aa476283bf1bb7983499923abceeeff969c0bda1621a9e5d4b
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