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Helm Charts for EOS deployment on Kubernetes
### How to
1. Start pods for the eos components
### How to install EOS Helm charts
To install EOS using helm charts:
helm install eos-qdb <chart_location> (chart_location e.g.: eos-charts/qdb)
helm install eos-mq <chart_location>
helm install eos-mgm <chart_location>
helm install eos-fst <chart_location>
helm install eos eos/server
Note: Currently the deployment fails without the `eos.keytab` secret. In order to deploy the required secret run:
kubectl create secret generic eos-sss-keytab --from-file=files/eos.keytab
The eos.keytab can be found [here](
The name (`eos-qdb`, `eos-mgm`, ...) passed to Helm is relevant as it will be reflected in the DNS name of the component.
helm install eos-qdb qdb/
helm install eos-mq mq/
helm install eos-mgm mgm/
helm install eos-fst fst/
helm uninstall eos-qdb
helm uninstall eos-mq
helm uninstall eos-mgm
helm uninstall eos-fst
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