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Add workaround for Centos8 images missing /usr/bin/xrdcp (copycat from CC7)

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......@@ -45,6 +45,16 @@ RUN createrepo ${EOSREPODIR}; \
eos-server eos-testkeytab eos-client eos-ns-inspect \
eos-fuse eos-fusex eos-test eos-debuginfo
# *************
# *************
# This is an ugly hack but the FST ofs.tpc config requires /usr/bin/xrdcp
# and this is provided by the xrootd-client package. With EOS having eos-xrootd
# as dependency the xrdcp program is in /opt/eos/xrootd/bin/xrdcp and the
# xrootd-client package is no longer installed and therefore starting the FSTs
# fails.
RUN dnf -y --nogpg install xrootd-client
# Generate a new forwardable keytab 'eos-test+' to replace the not-forwardable
# one (installed by the eos-testkeytab package).
# This is useful to deploy EOS on Kubernetes clusters running on CERN's Cloud
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