Commit b2f32a80 authored by Fabio Luchetti's avatar Fabio Luchetti
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add eos-nobody user and an entry for it to the sss key

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......@@ -88,6 +88,11 @@ RUN yes | xrdsssadmin -k eos-test del /etc/eos.keytab \
&& chown daemon:daemon /etc/eos.keytab \
&& chmod 400 /etc/eos.keytab
# eos-nobody for squashfs tests
RUN adduser eos-nobody \
&& yes | xrdsssadmin -u eosnobody -g eosnobody -k eos-test+ -n 1234567890123456789 add /etc/eos.keytab
# Change owner of /var/spool/xrootd directory to daemon
RUN chown daemon:daemon /var/spool/xrootd
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