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Merge branch '61-eos-mgm-with-nolock-if-used-with-fusex' into 'master'

Resolve "eos mgm with nolock if used with fusex"

Closes #61

See merge request !31
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......@@ -33,6 +33,7 @@ function generateEOSConfig() {
cp -f /etc/ /etc/
sed -i 's/^all.export \//all.export \/ nolock/' /etc/
if [ "$ED_ISALICE" == "1" ];then
sed -i 's/^sec.protbind \* only krb5 gsi sss unix.*/sec.protbind \* only gsi sss unix/' /etc/
sed -i 's/^#mgmofs.authlib \/usr\/lib64\/' /etc/
Name: eos-docker-utils
Version: 1.0.14
Version: 1.0.15
Release: 1%{?dist}
Summary: EOS docker utils
License: LGPL v3+
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