Commit d7f433bc authored by Fabio Luchetti's avatar Fabio Luchetti
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Config recycle bin in eos_create_userhome

parent 2e99da3b
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......@@ -15,6 +15,10 @@ eos attr set"default" /eos;
eos mkdir /eos/user
eos attr set sys.recycle="/eos/dockertest/proc/recycle/" /eos/user;
eos recycle config --size 10G
eos recycle config --inodes 10M
eos recycle config --lifetime 604800 # a week
eos recycle config --ratio 0.2
eos mkdir /eos/user/e
eos attr set sys.forced.maxsize="50000000000" /eos/user/e;
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