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......@@ -79,19 +79,19 @@ echo -e "\n\n*** MQ server creation and setup"
# following core_pattern file but be careful since this will also update the
# original file on the docker host!
# echo '/tmp/core.%t.%e.%p' | sudo tee /proc/sys/kernel/core_pattern
docker run -dit -h --name eos-mq --net-alias=eos-mq -ulimit "core=-1" --security-opt "seccomp=unconfined" $image
docker run -dit -h --name eos-mq --net-alias=eos-mq --ulimit "core=-1" --security-opt "seccomp=unconfined" $image
docker exec -i eos-mq /
# MGM server creation
echo -e "\n\n*** MGM server creation"
docker run --privileged -dit -h --name eos-mgm1 --net-alias=eos-mgm1 -ulimit "core=-1" --security-opt "seccomp=unconfined" $image
docker run --privileged -dit -h --name eos-mgm1 --net-alias=eos-mgm1 --ulimit "core=-1" --security-opt "seccomp=unconfined" $image
if [[ $with_qdb == 1 ]]; then
echo -e "\n\n*** QuarkDB server creation and setup"
# Namespace library which will be loaded by the MGM should be changed to enable QuarkDB mode
docker exec -i eos-mgm1 sed -i 's/' /etc/
# QuarkDB server creation and setup
docker run --privileged -dit -h --name eos-qdb --net-alias=eos-qdb -ulimit "core=-1" --security-opt "seccomp=unconfined" $image
docker run --privileged -dit -h --name eos-qdb --net-alias=eos-qdb --ulimit "core=-1" --security-opt "seccomp=unconfined" $image
docker exec -i eos-qdb /
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