Commit 6616f8b8 authored by Fabio Luchetti's avatar Fabio Luchetti
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CI: Do not try to publish for fc-34 until a fix for the build is provided

parent eef7c1ad
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......@@ -4,7 +4,9 @@ set -ex
for BUILD_TYPE in "el-7" "el-8" "el-8s" "fc-33" "fc-33-tsan" "fc-34" "fc-34-tsan" ; do
# @todo restore fc-34 once fixed
# for BUILD_TYPE in "el-7" "el-8" "el-8s" "fc-33" "fc-33-tsan" "fc-34" "fc-34-tsan" ; do
for BUILD_TYPE in "el-7" "el-8" "el-8s" "fc-33" "fc-33-tsan" ; do
echo "Publishing for: ${BUILD_TYPE} in location: ${EXPORT_DIR_RPMS}"
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