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Add backpressure to load-generating test to avoid OOM

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......@@ -172,10 +172,23 @@ static void generateLoad(qclient::QClient *qcl, std::string prefix, ThreadAssist
TEST_F(Replication, load_during_election) {
// add backpressure to load-generating threads
qclient::Options opts0 = makeNoRedirectOptions();
opts0.backpressureStrategy = qclient::BackpressureStrategy::RateLimitPendingRequests(1024);
qclient::QClient qcl0(myself(0).hostname, myself(0).port, std::move(opts0));
qclient::Options opts1 = makeNoRedirectOptions();
opts1.backpressureStrategy = qclient::BackpressureStrategy::RateLimitPendingRequests(1024);
qclient::QClient qcl1(myself(1).hostname, myself(1).port, std::move(opts1));
qclient::Options opts2 = makeNoRedirectOptions();
opts2.backpressureStrategy = qclient::BackpressureStrategy::RateLimitPendingRequests(1024);
qclient::QClient qcl2(myself(2).hostname, myself(2).port, std::move(opts2));
// let's be extra evil and start generating load even before the nodes start up
AssistedThread t1(generateLoad, tunnel(0), "node0");
AssistedThread t2(generateLoad, tunnel(1), "node1");
AssistedThread t3(generateLoad, tunnel(2), "node2");
AssistedThread t1(generateLoad, &qcl0, "node0");
AssistedThread t2(generateLoad, &qcl1, "node1");
AssistedThread t3(generateLoad, &qcl2, "node2");
// start the cluster
spinup(0); spinup(1); spinup(2);
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