Commit b69be9ed authored by Georgios Bitzes's avatar Georgios Bitzes
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raft: re-add support for pre-vote in RaftTalker

parent f03b5eea
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......@@ -203,10 +203,16 @@ std::future<redisReplyPtr> RaftTalker::appendEntries(
return qcl->execute(payload);
std::future<redisReplyPtr> RaftTalker::requestVote(const RaftVoteRequest &req) {
std::future<redisReplyPtr> RaftTalker::requestVote(const RaftVoteRequest &req, bool preVote) {
RedisRequest payload;
if(preVote) {
else {
......@@ -47,7 +47,7 @@ public:
RaftTerm prevTerm, LogIndex commit,
const std::vector<RaftSerializedEntry> &entries);
std::future<redisReplyPtr> requestVote(const RaftVoteRequest &req);
std::future<redisReplyPtr> requestVote(const RaftVoteRequest &req, bool preVote = false);
std::future<redisReplyPtr> fetch(LogIndex index);
std::future<redisReplyPtr> resilveringStart(const ResilveringEventID &id);
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