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......@@ -14,16 +14,11 @@ $NAG_SCRIPTS/
Edit the spec file to change version number and add description by doing
vi $NAG_SCRIPTS/grid-monitoring-probes-org.cms.spec
vi $NAG_SCRIPTS/grid-monitoring-probes-org.cms-etf.spec
Run the following commands:
$NAG_SCRIPTS/ <version>
$NAG_SCRIPTS/ <version>
rm -rf $NAG_TMP
......@@ -31,25 +26,13 @@ HOW TO BUILD THE BINARY RPM WITH KOJI
Run the following command:
koji build sam5 nagios-plugins-wlcg-org.cms-<version>-1.el5.src.rpm
koji build etf6 nagios-plugins-wlcg-org.cms-<version>-1.el6.src.rpm
To deploy it in preproduction, run
koji tag-pkg sam5-qa nagios-plugins-wlcg-org.cms-<version>-1.el5
To deploy it in production, run
koji tag-pkg sam5-stable nagios-plugins-wlcg-org.cms-<version>-1.el5
while for ETF, run
koji tag-pkg etf6-qa nagios-plugins-wlcg-org.cms-<version>-1.el6
and for production
To deploy it in production, run
koji tag-pkg etf6-stable nagios-plugins-wlcg-org.cms-<version>-1.el6
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