Commit 25befd34 authored by Marian Babik's avatar Marian Babik
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removed fixed versions for xroot; xroot install now before gfal2

parent 2290ae64
......@@ -18,16 +18,15 @@ RUN yum -y install voms globus-gsi-sysconfig globus-gsi-cert-utils globus-gssapi
# Condor client
RUN yum -y install condor condor-python
# Xroot
RUN yum -y install xrootd-python xrootd-client xrootd-libs xrootd-client-libs
# SRM todo: test removing globus deps
RUN yum -y install gfal2-all gfal2-python gfal2-util globus-ftp-client \
globus-gass-transfer globus-ftp-control globus-xio globus-gssapi-error \
globus-gsi-sysconfig globus-gsi-openssl-error globus-openssl-module \
# Xroot
RUN yum -y install xrootd-python-4.7.1-1.osg34.el7 xrootd-client-4.7.1-1.osg34.el7 \
xrootd-libs4.7.1-1.osg34.el7 xrootd-client-libs4.7.1-1.osg34.el7
# MW env
COPY docker/etf-cms/config/ /etc/profile.d/
RUN echo "source /etc/profile.d/" >> /opt/omd/sites/$CHECK_MK_SITE/.profile
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