Commit 3431c3c6 authored by Andrea Sciaba's avatar Andrea Sciaba
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Run basic test inside Singularity

parent bd3036ad
TEST_SCRIPT=`basename $0 | sed 's/\.sing//'`
echo "Will run $TEST_SCRIPT with Singularity if available"
source ${SAME_SENSOR_HOME}/tests/CE-cms-singularity-wrapper ${TEST_SCRIPT}
......@@ -52,7 +52,7 @@ define service{
define service {
use sam-generic-wn-active
service_description org.cms.WN-basic-<VOMS>
check_command samtest-run-sensor!CE-cms-basic
check_command samtest-run-sensor!CE-cms-basic.sing
define service {
use sam-generic-wn-active
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