Commit 3c3b8c11 authored by Stefano Belforte's avatar Stefano Belforte
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fix a couple typos

parent bee5cd4b
echo "<h2>Checking if TFC is available for SRMv2 endpoint and using it to perform lfn to pfn matching</h2>"
echo "<h4>version 2010 03 25 15:45</h4>"
echo "<h4>version 2010 03 25 21:25</h4>"
echo "<h3>Checking PYTHONPATH</h3>"
echo "<pre>"
......@@ -31,13 +31,13 @@ echo savedProxy=$savedProxy
which voms-proxy-init
echo "seem I cannot do: voms-proxy-init -voms cms -cert $X509_USER_PROXY -out $tproxy"
cp -v $$X509_USER_PROXY $tproxy
cp -v $X509_USER_PROXY $tproxy
ls -l $tproxy
voms-proxy-info -all -path $tproxy
voms-proxy-info -all -file $tproxy
export X509_USER_PROXY=$tproxy
voms-proxy-info -all -path
voms-proxy-info -all
echo "==========================================================="
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