Commit 3ec8a96a authored by Andrea Sciaba's avatar Andrea Sciaba
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Added printout of X509_CERT_DIR in xrootd-fallback

parent 38754906
......@@ -238,12 +238,14 @@ def main():
pilot_uid = os.geteuid()
pilot_proxy = os.environ.get("X509_USER_PROXY", "/tmp/x509up_u%d" % pilot_uid)
cert_dir = os.environ.get("X509_CERT_DIR", "undefined")
if not os.path.isfile(pilot_proxy):
return print_summary("X509_USER_PROXY=%s is not a file" % pilot_proxy, NAG_CRITICAL)"X509_USER_PROXY=%s" % pilot_proxy)"X509_CERT_DIR=%s" % cert_dir)
# Workaround to suppress voms errors on OSG
# Workaround to suppress voms errors on OSG
os.environ["VOMS_PROXY_INFO_DONT_VERIFY_AC"] = "1"
if 'OSG_GRID' in os.environ and not find_executable('gfal-copy'):
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