Commit 4a7bd03a authored by Andrea Sciaba's avatar Andrea Sciaba
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First version

parent df8750cb
Executable = "/bin/sh";
Arguments = "-c 'tar xzf testjob.tgz ; export SAME_WORK=`pwd`/work ; bin/same-exec -c same.conf --nodetest testjob <nodeName> -- <envName> <centralSE> 2>&1'";
StdOutput = "testjob.out";
StdError = "testjob.out";
InputSandbox = {"testjob.tgz","same.conf"};
OutputSandbox = {"testjob.out","testjob-results.tgz"};
Requirements = other.GlueCEInfoHostName == "<nodeName>";
Rank = - other.GlueCEPolicyMaxCPUTime;
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