Commit 7f2203b8 authored by Andrea Sciaba's avatar Andrea Sciaba
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New middleware version discovery

parent 21a916e5
...@@ -102,19 +102,25 @@ fi ...@@ -102,19 +102,25 @@ fi
echo echo
echo "Checking middleware installation..." echo "Checking middleware installation..."
echo echo
type="unknown" mw=0
mwver='unknown' if type -f glite-version > /dev/null 2>&1; then
if type -f glite-version > /dev/null; then
type="gLite" type="gLite"
mwver=`glite-version` mwver=`glite-version`
elif [ -f /etc/emi-version ] ; then elif [ -f /etc/emi-version ] ; then
type="EMI" type="EMI"
mwver=`cat /etc/emi-version` mwver=`cat /etc/emi-version`
elif type -f lcg-version > /dev/null; then mw=1
elif type -f lcg-version > /dev/null 2>&1; then
type="LCG" type="LCG"
mwver=`lcg-version` mwver=`lcg-version`
if [ $mw == 1 ] ; then
echo "Middleware: $type $mwver"
echo "WARNING: Cannot find middleware type and version"
fi fi
echo "Middleware: $type $mwver"
type -t lcg-cp > /dev/null type -t lcg-cp > /dev/null
result=$? result=$?
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