Commit 920663bd authored by Andrea Sciaba's avatar Andrea Sciaba
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Merge branch 'master' into 'master'

Replacing jq for better test compatibility with native OS functions

See merge request !11
parents 2b7b2109 15845000
......@@ -177,11 +177,11 @@ if [ $rc == 0 ] ; then
FileInfoTmp=`mktemp /tmp/site-local-config-from-CVS-Markup.xml.XXX`
./fetch-from-web-gitlab \"$FileInfoUrl\" $FileInfoTmp
last_commit=`jq -r .last_commit_id $FileInfoTmp`
last_commit=$(grep -Po '"last_commit_id":.*?[^\\]",' ${FileInfoTmp} | perl -pe 's/"last_commit_id"://; s/^"//; s/",$//')
./fetch-from-web-gitlab \"$CommitInfoUrl\" $FileInfoTmp
FileDate=`jq -r .authored_date $FileInfoTmp`
let seconds=`date +%s`-`date +%s -d "$FileDate"`
FileDate=$(grep -Po '"authored_date":.*?[^\\]",' ${FileInfoTmp} | perl -pe 's/"authored_date"://; s/^"//; s/",$//')
let seconds=`date +%s`-`date +%s -d $(echo ${FileDate} | awk -F "." '{print $1}')`
let cvsFileAgeInHours=$seconds/3600
echo "GITConfigFileAge: ${cvsFileAgeInHours} hours"
if [ $localConfigFileAgeInHours -gt 120 ] && [ $cvsFileAgeInHours -gt 120 ] ; then
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