Commit d9b3d66c authored by Marian Babik's avatar Marian Babik
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updated maxWallTime to minutes

parent 0e82f1a5
......@@ -144,7 +144,7 @@ def run(url, ipv6=False):
# special handling for HTCONDOR-CE, no queues
c.add('org.sam.CONDOR-JobState-/cms/Role=lcgadmin', hosts=(service[0],),
params={'args': {'--resource': 'htcondor://%s' % service[0],
'--jdl-ads': '\'+maxMemory=2000_NL_+maxWallTime=1800\''}})
'--jdl-ads': '\'+maxMemory=2000_NL_+maxWallTime=30\''}})
ce_resources = feed.get_ce_resources(host, flavor)
if ce_resources:
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