Commit e91e03ec authored by Christoph Wissing's avatar Christoph Wissing
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Prepare OSG check for CVMFS, some cosmetics.

parent b21e50c2
...@@ -45,17 +45,32 @@ echo "</pre>" ...@@ -45,17 +45,32 @@ echo "</pre>"
echo "<h2>Checking software directory for CMS VO</h2>" echo "<h2>Checking software directory for CMS VO</h2>"
if [ -n "$OSG_APP" ] ; then if [ -n "$OSG_GRID" ] ; then
isOSG=1 isOSG=1
echo "<p>OSG Middleware</p>"
if [ -d $OSG_APP/cmssoft/cms ] ;then
SW_DIR=$OSG_APP/cmssoft/cms SW_DIR=$OSG_APP/cmssoft/cms
echo "<p>Checking variable: \$OSG_APP/cmssoft/cms=$OSG_APP/cmssoft/cms</p>" echo "<p>Checking variable: \$OSG_APP/cmssoft/cms=$OSG_APP/cmssoft/cms</p>"
elif [ -d $CVMFS/ ] ; then
echo "<p>Checking variable: \$CVMFS/$CVMFS/</p>"
elif [ -d /cvmfs/ ] ; then
echo "<p>Checking fallback location: /cvmfs/</p>"
echo "<p>"
echo "Cannot find CMS software area."
echo "</p>"
elif [ -n "$VO_CMS_SW_DIR" ] ; then elif [ -n "$VO_CMS_SW_DIR" ] ; then
isEGEE=1 isEGEE=1
echo "EMI or ARC middleware"
echo "<p>Checking variable: \$VO_CMS_SW_DIR=$VO_CMS_SW_DIR</p>" echo "<p>Checking variable: \$VO_CMS_SW_DIR=$VO_CMS_SW_DIR</p>"
else else
echo "<p><strong>" echo "<p><strong>"
echo "ERROR: Neither VO_CMS_SW_DIR nor OSG_APP defined" echo "ERROR: Neither VO_CMS_SW_DIR nor proper OSG variables defined"
echo "</strong></p>" echo "</strong></p>"
fi fi
...@@ -120,9 +135,9 @@ source $SW_DIR/ > /dev/null ...@@ -120,9 +135,9 @@ source $SW_DIR/ > /dev/null
echo "Default SCRAM arch: $SCRAM_ARCH" echo "Default SCRAM arch: $SCRAM_ARCH"
echo "</pre>" echo "</pre>"
archs_defined='slc5_ia32_gcc434 slc5_amd64_gcc434 slc5_amd64_gcc462' archs_defined='slc5_ia32_gcc434 slc5_amd64_gcc434 slc5_amd64_gcc462'
archs_to_test='slc5_amd64_gcc434 slc5_ia32_gcc434' archs_to_test='slc5_amd64_gcc434 slc5_amd64_gcc462'
swok=0 swok=0
for arch in $archs_defined ; do for arch in $archs_to_test ; do
if [ $swok != 1 ] ; then if [ $swok != 1 ] ; then
export SCRAM_ARCH=$arch export SCRAM_ARCH=$arch
export BUILD_ARCH=$arch export BUILD_ARCH=$arch
...@@ -220,9 +235,10 @@ do ...@@ -220,9 +235,10 @@ do
echo "<p>OK</p>" echo "<p>OK</p>"
echo "<p>" echo "<p>"
if [ -d $CMS_PATH/${arch}/cms/cms-common/1.0 ]; then if [ -d $CMS_PATH/${arch}/cms/cms-common/1.0 ]; then
echo "New cms-common RPM already installed" echo "Recent cms-common RPM already installed:"
ls -d $CMS_PATH/${arch}/cms/cms-common/1.0/* | grep -v etc
else else
echo "Old cms-common RPM installed" echo "Old style cms-common RPM installed."
fi fi
echo "</p>" echo "</p>"
done done
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