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%define site org.cms
%define dir %{_libexecdir}/grid-monitoring/probes
%define conf /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.8.5/NCG/LocalMetrics
%define ncg /etc/ncg
%define ncg /etc/ncg-metric-config.d
Summary: WLCG Compliant Probes from %{site}
Name: grid-monitoring-probes-org.cms
Version: 0.1.41
Version: 0.1.43
Release: 1%{?dist}
License: GPL
......@@ -30,11 +29,10 @@ Contains the CMS-specific probes and metrics.
%{__rm} -rf %{buildroot}
install --directory %{buildroot}/%{dir}
install --directory %{buildroot}/%{conf}
install --directory %{buildroot}/%{ncg}
install --directory %{buildroot}/etc/cron.d
%{__cp} -rpf %{site} %{buildroot}%{dir}
%{__cp} -rpf config/ %{buildroot}%{conf}
%{__cp} -rpf config/cms.conf %{buildroot}%{ncg}
%{__cp} -rpf config/cms_glexec %{buildroot}/etc/cron.d
......@@ -43,10 +41,16 @@ install --directory %{buildroot}/etc/cron.d
* Wed Sep 12 2012 Andrea Sciaba <> 0.1.43-1.
- Added CE-cms-env test
* Mon Sep 10 2012 Andrea Sciaba <> 0.1.42-1.
- Adapted tests to new OSG software discovery
- Added xrtood tests
- Nagios configuration adapted to POEM
* Thu Aug 23 2012 Andrea Sciaba <> 0.1.41-1.
- Fixed bug in mc test causing the test to always pass
- converted errors to warnings in glexec test
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