Commit 855420ef authored by Marian Babik's avatar Marian Babik
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added warning only support for failed jobs

parent b2fca1a5
......@@ -70,6 +70,7 @@ app.add_argument('--timeout-limits', help='Comma separated list of timeouts in m
' Also support global timeout, e.g. global:3600,idle:3000,running:15')
app.add_argument('-e', '--env', dest='env_var', help='Environment variable to set on the worker node', action='append')
app.add_argument('--env-file', dest='env_file', help='Environment file to be transferred to the worker node')
app.add_argument('--warning-only', help='Failed jobs will result in warning (instead of critical)', action='store_true')
app.add_argument('--arc-debug', dest='arc_debug', default='INFO',
help='ARC backend: arcsub debug flag (defaults to INFO)')
app.add_argument('--arc-gmlog', action='store_true', default=False,
......@@ -692,6 +693,8 @@ def test_js_submit(args, io):
io.summary = 'Job ({}) has failed with status: {}'.format(app.job.job_id, app.job.verbose_status)
# special cases
if args.warning_only:
io.status = nap.WARNING
if app.job.backend == 'cream':
if 'Maximum number of jobs already in queue' in app.job.status_out:
io.status = nap.WARNING
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