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1 job for slc5_repo in 4 minutes and 38 seconds (queued for 637 minutes and 34 seconds)
Name Stage Failure
test_all_pipeline Build
  zlib.i386 0:1.2.3-7.el5                                                       

Loaded plugins: changelog, kernel-module, protectbase, tsflags, versionlock
Cleaning up Everything
INFO[0187] Taking snapshot of full filesystem...
error building image: error building stage: failed to get files used from context: failed to get fileinfo for /builds/eusai/cmssw-docker/slc5-cms/git-test-inst: lstat /builds/eusai/cmssw-docker/slc5-cms/git-test-inst: no such file or directory
Cleaning up file based variables
ERROR: Job failed: exit code 1